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binkagal's world!

the wacky world of binka!

15 September 1981
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  • binkagal@livejournal.com
AGE: 22, 23, 24, 25, now 26 (I've been here too long LOL)
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
OCCUPATION: Mum to Tyler (born 9 May 04), but hubby is the "Stay at home Dad". Initially studied and trained in Computer Science, hated the industry and went and got my Diploma in Business and worked as a PA. Now working as a Consultant for a one of the big recruitment firms, and currently studying for my Diploma in Management. UPDATE: Now not working due to a recently diagnosed heart condition.
MARITAL STATUS: Getting married at some stage!! Met my partner kaptnkaos at the beginning of 2002 after meeting him through IRC. I made the 700km drive down to Melbourne to fix his computer for him one long weekend, and never went back! Seriously! I faxed my resignation in to work (I can assure you that didn't go down well!) and went and picked up my stuff from back in NSW a couple of weeks later. Best decision I have ever made :) Update Nov 2006: FINALLY have a rock on my finger - so officially engaged!!
CLAIMS TO FAME: umm... well, I won an "egg and spoon" race back in primary school!! LOL And, more recently, endured a 27 hour labour to give birth to Tyler. Needless to say, further children are NOT in our plans for the immediate future!